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The Inspiring Journey of Jennifer Dugan: From Passionate Traveler to Empowering Mentor

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Jennifer Dugan is the founder of Dugan's Travels. She established the host agency in 1997. As the driving force behind the company, Jennifer Dugan's vision and leadership have been instrumental in shaping Dugan's Travels into the successful host agency it is known as today. Her commitment to supporting and nurturing travel professionals has set a foundation for the company's values and its approach to the world of travel.

Jennifer Dugan embarked on her illustrious career in travel in 1993, gaining invaluable experience in both leisure and corporate sectors. With the birth of her first child in 1997, she was presented with a crossroads. Her unwavering commitment to family, combined with her passion for travel, led her to a groundbreaking decision: to work from the comfort of her home. It was during this time that the seeds for Dugan's Travels were sown. By 1999, Jennifer recognized the aspirations of other moms like herself. With her vast knowledge and an innate desire to mentor, she began training them to become successful travel agents. This nurturing and empowering initiative laid the foundation for what Dugan's Travels, the renowned host agency, has blossomed into today. Under Jennifer's visionary leadership, Dugan's Travels has become a beacon for those seeking both professional growth in the travel industry and work-life balance.

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Dugan's Travels, founded by Jennifer Dugan in 1997, is a leading host agency dedicated to mentoring and supporting travel professionals from home.

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