Dugan's Travels History

 The Genesis: A Mother's Vision
In the heart of 1997, amidst the joy of welcoming her first child, Jennifer Dugan faced a dilemma that many mothers confront: the balance between career aspirations and the nurturing of a new life. But for Jennifer, it wasn't just about finding a middle ground. It was about innovating one. From the cozy corners of her home, the initial concept of Dugan's Travels emerged.

Pioneering the Home-Based Revolution
By 1999, Jennifer's vision had evolved. Recognizing the latent desires of numerous moms who wished to engage professionally without compromising family time, she embarked on a mission. Jennifer started mentoring and training them, transforming enthusiastic individuals into adept travel agents. Thus, the foundational pillars of Dugan's Travels as a host agency were laid.

The Growth Epoch
Over the years, Dugan's Travels transitioned from a home-based initiative to a full-fledged host agency, supporting countless agents in their quest for professional growth. With a rich tapestry of training programs, resources, and unwavering support, Dugan's Travels became synonymous with excellence in the realm of travel hosting.

Nurturing Beyond Boundaries
The spirit of Dugan's Travels was never confined to mere business. It was about building a community. A community where agents felt supported, where knowledge was shared freely, and where every success was celebrated. Jennifer's philosophy of nurturing each agent individually ensured that they weren't just business associates but members of an extended family.

Into the Future
Upholding the Legacy As Dugan's Travels strides into the future, the core values remain unchanged. The agency continues its relentless pursuit of excellence, always adapting, always evolving, but forever rooted in the ideals set by Jennifer. The journey that began in a living room now resonates across the industry, setting benchmarks and inspiring countless others.

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Dugan's Travels, founded by Jennifer Dugan in 1997, is a leading host agency dedicated to mentoring and supporting travel professionals from home.

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